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District Poultry Farms

There is no production and disposal in these farms. Chicks received from other institutions are reared here and distributed for developmental schemes.

1. District poultry farm, Kolani, Idukki

This farm started functioning in 1976. A pig-breeding unit is also functioning here. Rearing of commercial chicks and its distribution to farmers and Government institutions is the main objective of this farm. The total area of the farm is 3.58 Ha.

2. District poultry farm, Athavanad, Malappuram

This farm started functioning in 1977 as a distribution farm. This farm is functioning with the aim of distributing good quality pullets to the public through various schemes. Total area of the farm is 9.85 Ha.

Central Hatchery, Chengannur, Alappuzha District

This institution was established in the year 1961-62 is under the direct control of head of the Department of Animal Husbandry. This institution supplies commercial layer chicks, table eggs, poultry, poultry equipments etc. according to the needs of the public.

The following are the institutions functioning here.

  1. Hatchery The main aim of this hatchery is to produce good and high breed quality chicks. This has a setter capacity of 67500 egg and hatcher capacity of 31500 eggs.
  2. Quail Rearing Unit This is functioning with a view to produce good quality quails.
  3. Feed Compounding Factory: This was established in the year 1963. The objective of the factory is to manufacture ready to feed balanced feed, to be used in central Hatchery and other poultry institutions and also to sale to private sector poultry farms. During 2004-05, 10900 Kgm. of poultry feed was produced here.
  4. Chick Sexing School: This was started in1967 with the objective of imparting training in chick sexing those who needed.
  5. Mobile Veterinary Hospital: The major objective of this mobile hospital is to give treatment for the poultry of central hatchery. Besides this, the hospital gives treatment and medicine for other animals also.
  6. Feed Testing Lab: The lab started functioning on 21-1-1978.The objective of this lab is to analyze the feed ingredients and various types of feed manufactured by the departmental institutions and there by ensure the quality of feed with reference to nutritive value.
  7. Poultry Training Institute The poultry training institute was started functioning here in 1974 with a view to impart training in poultry breeding to unemployed youths, farmers and para veterinary officers. Training for livestock inspectors were also conducted here. Short term training programmes in backyard poultry rearing, broiler farming, quail farming, rabbit rearing etc. are conducted here.
  8. Workshop: The objective of the workshop is the manufacturing and repairing of the poultry equipments for the departmental poultry farms.
Duck Farm,Niranam, Pathanamthitta

This farm started in 1966. The aim of the farm is to preserve different varieties and breeds of ducks, improve the quality of ducks reared for eggs and meat purpose and popularize duck farming.

Good quality ducklings are produced and distributed to the public according to the needs by this farm. Total area of the farm is 1 Ha. Total rearing space is 7500 sq.ft. The hatchery of the farm has a setter capacity of 27000 eggs and hatcher capacity of 9000 eggs.

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