1 Short title, extent and, commencement
2 Definitions
3 Veterinary Surgeons and Inspectors
4 Veterinary Surgeons and Inspectors; to be public servants.
Control of disease
5 Power to prohibit or regulate import, export or transport of, animals and holding of markets, fairs, etc.
6 Cleansing, disinfesting and disinfection of vessels and vehicles.
7 Duty of certain persons to report Scheduled diseases.
8 Power of Veterinary Surgeons to hold post-mortem examination.
9 Power to isolate infective animals.
10 Examination by the Veterinary Surgeons.
11 Action after examination by the Veterinary Surgeon.
12 Compensation for animals destroyed.
13 Power to require disinfection of infected premises, vessels or vehicles.
14 Declaration of private infected places.
15 Examination of infected places by Veterinary Surgeon.
16 Declaration of infected places of a public character
17 Declaration of infected areas by the Director of Animal Husbandry.
18 Removal of animals and things from infected areas and places.
19 Power to require return of animals or things to infected area or place.
20 Time for com plying with notice, requisition or order.
21 Recovery of expenses incurred under this Chapter.
Penalties and Procedure
22 Penalties for contravention of provisions of the Act and Rules.
23 Penalty for keeping or grazing infective animal in unenclosed land.
24 Penalty for bringing infective, animals to the market.
25 Penalty for placing carcass of infective animal in river, canal, etc.
26 Penalty for disinterring carcass of diseased animal.
27 Penalty for malicious and vexatious entry or seizure Veterinary Surgeon or Inspector.
28 Arrest without order 'or warrant.
29 Institution of proceedings.
30 Jurisdiction of Magistrates.
31 Bar of claims to compensation.
32 Power of Government to make rules.
33 Amendment of the Schedule.
34 Rules and notifications issued under section 33 to be laid before the Legislative Assembly.
35 Protection of action taken in good faith.
36 Repeal.